Digital NST Studies . . .  Finally.  
The REAL paperless, productive and affordable NST solution for your EMR. The VM F6 with VME Network Monitoring lets you . Increase the productivity your professional staff . Eliminate the costly and cumbersome NST paper and paper process . Link your NST studies to your EMR.  SIMPLE. VME Central Monitoring Digital NST The VM F6 digital fetal monitor with VME network monitoring application is a comprehensive solution for the busy OB care environment.  It is patient care and nurse/provider oriented with real time remote monitoring across the entire practice network with EMR export communication and data storage. The system displays patient information transmitted from your fetal monitor or multi-monitor configuration and generates alerts for critical events. Easy access to well organized information improves efficiency, allowing you to focus more attention on patients and achieve the best quality care. ENHANCE and EXPAND YOUR SERVICES .  See more patients by increasing the productivity of your staff .  Monitor your NST patients while caring for other patients CUT and CONTROL YOUR COSTS .  Eliminate the NST paper and paper process .  No scanning or filing .  No wasted staff time . Link your studies to your patient electronic record 'Enhance the value of your EMR' INCREASE YOUR MARKET OPPORTUNITES .  Share your studies with remote colleagues and specialists .  Network, Internet, smart phone access
The ROI on the digital fetal monitor, for the typical OB practice, is less
than 60 days.

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VM F6 Digital NST with VME Network Monitoring

"The digital NST and ImageQUEST ultrasound system from Visual MED has made our
practice run so much faster.  We love the system." 

Britni Burnside
Rosemark Womens Care Specialists

"We love the systems.  Please have anyone call on me."
Aurora Saavedra 
IT Director  
Seven Oaks Women's Center 
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